Daily Telegraph recommends us to tutors

by Anita

Delighted to see the Daily Telegraph has recommended First Tutors in their piece on how to earn extra cash in the recession.

Slightly disappointed to see they've also recommended two sites with no contact address/phone and in one case, hidden WHOIS details. We all have competitors; that's life and actually it is good for companies because it makes us pull our socks up and focus on doing a good job, but please, lets recommend the credible ones in the national press, not the dodgy ones.

A word of warning to tutors and parents: pause before you enter your personal contact details and information about your children into a website without any contact details and where the site owner has gone to extreme lengths to hide their identity. You can see photos of our founders in the 'About us' section because we've got nothing to hide.

There are numerous seemingly dormant tuition websites and agencies with no real contact details out there. We are an unregulated industry so please consider carefully.