New GCSE Maths Revision Guides

by Anita Lee

First Tutors and Pearson Publishing have teamed up to create an exclusive set of revision guides and worksheets. These GCSE Maths resources are focused for Foundation or Higher tier and written by examiners.

  • The revision guides contain worked examples, sample questions and answers and even diagnostic tests to measure your progess.
  • Homework Help contains over 100 practice sheets of exercises to reinforce your learning ahead of exams.
  • Avoiding Common Errors focuses on avoiding easy mistakes in the exam hall with careful practice questions.

All of these GCSE Maths revision guides are available to download instantly as a colourful PDF so you can get started straight away.

Pearson Publishing is one of the leading educational publishers in the UK. Based in Cambridge since 1991, Pearson Publishing draws on the expertise of a wide range of educationalists to write their extensive curriculum resources. The revision resources, used in over 20,000 schools, are the trusted teaching and study tools for teachers and students alike.