An Introduction to Secondary Maths Revision

From 11+ maths through to Key Stage 3, mathematics can be difficult for some students, with new material and methods of working being introduced at a substantial pace in order to prepare pupils for GCSE. Key Stage 3 maths can be difficult to teach within the time-frame encouraged by schools and some students claim they have trouble keeping up. As a result, your child may well need help with maths revision at all levels of secondary education.

Finding the Best Secondary Maths Tutor For Your Child

If your child is struggling with secondary or Key Stage 3 Maths revision, it is important that you talk with them and identify their weaknesses. They may have trouble understanding algebra, or geometry, or more fundamental aspects of mathematics such as rounding or percentages. First Tutors can provide one-to-one private tuition designed specifically to best help your child from a specialist maths tutor in the areas they do not fully understand.

In addition, private tuition in secondary maths can offer more than just 11+ or Key Stage 3 Maths revision - a private maths tutor can help students with their exam technique and attention to detail, offer advice on how best to revise and how to apply these techniques to other areas like science.

To make sure the tutor you choose is the best for your child, try First Tutors. We offer many private tutors who can provide tuition in all aspects of secondary maths revision, and you are sure to find one who fulfils your child's needs.

First Tutors's unique feedback system will help you decide which tutor your child needs. Past tutees and parents leave feedback comments plus a rating about their experience with a tutor on our website. It is easy to find a tutor, just enter your postcode/subject/level here to bring up a list of tutors in your local area.