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Personal Description:

I studied for my Leaving Certificate at the Institute of Education. And in those 2 years I truly believe that I made every mistake that can be made by a Leaving Cert. candidate. From horrific attendance to focusing on the wrong things, I did it all. However, in spite of all that I obtained 568 points and was awarded my first choice (psychology in TCD) in the first round of CAO offers.

Each of the subjects I am offering grinds in are subjects I received a H1 in. And I hope that through giving grinds I can help others avoid some of the mistakes I made because
1.) There's no point in both of us making them
2.) It's common knowledge at this point that while the Leaving Certificate requires you to know your subjects inside and out, that isn't enough. You also need to have a good knowledge of the entire process because between project work, timing and verb types - understanding the Leaving Certificate could be a subject on its own.

Tutoring Experience:

Currently studying teaching with TEFL in order to teach English to non-native speakers abroad. In doing so, I have had to breakdown the fundamentals of lesson planning and considered what makes a good teacher. The course centres around how to be a good teacher and provides people like me with the necessary knowledge to make any subject accessible to anyone. I have completed special modules on teaching one-on-one and through the phone and hope to travel next summer with TEFL.

Additionally, I worked as a teacher for one month in an orphanage in Africa. I had expected to be a classroom assistant but upon arrival to Accra, Ghana I found that the students real teacher was not present and had to take over from her full-time. I was 16 at the time so to be left alone with a class of 20 children of 5-7 was extremely daunting but it showed me that I'm a very adaptable person. I rose to the challenge and by the end of it I had agreed to teach the older classes (13-16) for several periods.

Approach to Grinds:

A Leaving Certificate grind must balance exam focus with genuine understanding. This is because recent exams have been featuring trickier questions set to determine who really knows what they're talking about. For this reason a combination of past papers and textbooks/notes must be used.

Yet, putting the Leaving Cert. aside, I think the most important thing in a grind is for there to be a common understanding of:
1.) what type of learner the student is
If this has not already been discovered, it's not a big deal. But all grinds should strive to specific to the needs of the student. Everyone learns differently so while a combination of techniques should be used, it's good to identify quickly which ones don't work at all so that no time is wasted. For instance, I am not a visual learner so if someone creates a mind map for me I will never retain any of the information it contains. However, if I was told to write those facts down myself or say them out loud, I would know them in no time.

2.) what the student wants
The entire point of grinds is to target areas the student doesn't understand in a personal manner so that they become easy. I like to know before giving a grind what topic I will be covering so that I can properly prepare the lesson. But, it is also helpful for the student to know what they want to get out of a grind. This is because if they do learn all they wanted to in the hour they will feel confident and positive afterwards. However, if they wanted to understand the 'law of comparative advantage' in an hour and instead I showed them the 'law of diminishing marginal utility' they would know changes would have to be made so that no ones money or time was wasted.

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Native Language: English
Availability: Weekends / Weekdays (all times)
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  • Institute of Education (2018) - Leaving Certificate (School) (✘ Not On File)

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