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I trained in the military after high school. I didn’t know how important good grades count, until after my military career. I devoted my life to obtaining knowledge after military honours. I put more passion into knowledge, with the progression of it’s grand design, with potential energy in mind over anything else. I am in the process of obtaining registered documentation, for patented chemical technologies, procedures and equipment. I enjoy teaching what I have absorbed, using math and knowledge of metals, my career experience, and my life that can pave the way for advancement. We are all knowledgeable that are seeking, mine has expanded enough, that I want to teach. My timed hours go well over 6000 in the metal industry, in applied fabrication, welding, and chemical applications(electrolysis, chemical procedures for industrial application in the metal trades.) I worked in pneumatics, for chemical sprayers, built oil tanks, fabricated parts, built equipment from blueprint up, used electrolysis for metal plating,and learned chemistry because my entire family works in the chemical industry. I am with all my hours for journeyman status in the metal industry, my own plans come before what others see as it’s use, so I branch away into my own business of operation. My own shop is being registered and established through legal certification and permits for chemical procedures. Skill by registration, of applied knowledge is a step toward mastery I am taking. I teach with metaphysics in mind, to expand my philosophy of mathematics, logic, and reason. Expansion is the evolution of learning, as knowledge is of failure, gained by reinstated attempts. We are born to succeed, failure is perfect by leaving it’s success to someone else. Practice without proper purpose, is the foreshadow of ones own true passion that needs Adjustment. I have enough hours in the chemical and metal industry, to run my own show, as teaching is the preliminary tool, to expanding it's success, through it’s production. I can expand the students mind to spark the interest. I am one for the pursuit of it’s greater knowledge, hidden in the secrets of military application. That said, if you need training in martial arts, I would make a more genuine tutor. I have access to studios for those that require attention to their reactivness to bullies. Math is enhanced with calculated movements, of kinetic energy and using the potential to direct it. I have experience in hand to hand combat, and experience in it’s application. So let the struggle of learning flow, in the light of open mindedness, that there is nothing you can’t do with the potential. Everything known, becomes an art to the teacher, if you have the answer to control it’s knowledge, by passage of absorbed transfer, I will enjoy teaching metaphysics with my lessons. Teaching is the preservation of sacred knowledge, as many learn from the source that acquired it. I employ love of knowledge, and metaphysics, to give better explanations to acquired knowledge. I have life experience and the story’s I lived can be told with greater knowledge and interest as apposed to the mundane. My metaphysical mind, will help you process and obtain the answer. Answers are stored better and with meaning as an answer with a story, is met with more interest. Failure is the opportunity to expand, it’s understanding is the evolution of ones knowledge, while success is the backbone of it’s original glory. May you find success, with the right teacher, and may you share it’s purpose upon the knowledgeable with greater knowledge. If Unsatisfied with my methods of teaching math or chemistry, there is always something different, that may be learned from a martial artist, with a military background. I advise you learn at the pace, of teaching your mind to eat more, as it becomes fat, but leaves more of a gap. The greatest minds, bend fat of the brain inwards, so it may feast upon itself. The nourished brain, never finds a dull moment. If it cannot be nourished, I have techniques, and information that you would be wise acquiring.

Tutoring Experience:

I teach chemistry, to friends and family as business, as means to enjoyment from of a knowledgeable life. I am respected by those that know me, to lead and guide them, to a greater victory than they thought for themselves. I’m a life coach capabile of transforming perception and advancing critical thinking, through my personal philosophy based on metaphysics. Those who know me, call me a chemical genius. May it’s metaphysics shine down, on my teachings. My enthusiasm for new chemical procedures grows, so does my urge for teaching. I create new stories on a daily basis to enhance memory though access of experience by way of chemical procedures. I can help with creating your own, if you have an idea what you would like to happen by way of chemical procedure. To learn and remember by memory alone is only as fun as one perceives. To learn and be taught how to use something on a daily basis is rewarded by energy of it’s laws that works better with ones perception. Don’t take it for granted, I fuse chemical laws and theory into my physical martial arts training and my metaphysical mind as a product of trained superiority. I may be too advanced for the straight forward that can’t see anything they want to perfect. I’m teaching metaphysics in the blank spots of memory, so one not only learns of the answer, but has a greater memory, through experience of emotion, by way of good story to access it. My method is partly physical, or metaphysical by example, from demonstrating and explaining the movement and mathematics involved. One may not only learn, but gain the skills and knowledge, to back up what I have to teach. Those that know me best come to me for answers, as I can reference them in confidence, and they may testify how my knowledge has improved their life function. I teach my friends, and family but have never taught for financial gain. I’m becoming a tutor as a progression into my own business, as I will no doubt need to teach, operational equipment of my design. I create daily, patent pending chemical procedures, for industrial application, that have indeed been used in the chemical industry. I can help with design for new projects, as well new chemicals for industrial application. I have worked for companies that make, use, and sell chemical technologies and am in a loop of teaching what I know, while developing my own chemical patents for future advancement. I have my own patent pending chemical procedures, as well as pictures of ones that came out through my mind, timed and dated. My patent search ends soon as my investors are becoming closer to knowing what I can produce, by example of 3 new chemical procedures obtained daily. I am ready to create my own chemicals by design as soon as my ideas run out. I am called to fix, create, mold, forge, shape, heat and weld. My ideas come with training the mind in metaphysics, it’s purpose is awerness over presumptions. **Contact Detail Removed** **Contact Detail Removed**, in military gear, with pat pending technology if I do desire new for money. It’s new for further discovery, nothing should end with money, I can help write your will. Money is a means to end trade disputes, knowledge is a means to end stupidity of disputes. The metaphysical properties of knowledge are more key to survival than money will ever be. I lived in the forest for a year, without money, I have been called to teach others survival, and can teach that through experience. Some of my chemical procedures I published, but did not patent are used today in the industry from my starting framework. I have monthly disability income from a vehicle accident that limits use of my arms. With overcoming factors of pain, through a knowledgeable lifestyle of hanging out with those achieving, what others feel as too challenging is ignorance of ones purpose. I can show how my disability has transformed to work to my advantage. I’m good at this, I survived in the bush for over a year with no one but it’s lesson. I excell in finding mistakesand correcting it’s pattern. I transformed the life of my friends, they call me boss and perceive my knowledge as worthy and nobel as it’s purpose is known to be seen. I help create and am selling new inventions, and chemical procedures, I produce through acquired knowledge. I can help you establish your own chemical synthesis you can run out on a search. Advancement of ideas is my area, I have a new chemical procedure or industrial design in pending status at all times. Maybe you want me to find one… I’m your man, I’ll find one you can run cheaper than you can run out to make one. I studied chemistry over all combined studies the most. I’m ready to progress, though want to teach as I value progression of knowledge. I have reason… if you want to know, I’ll combine reason with a lesson for further metaphysical punch. If you hire me and want to create an inorganic procedure for it’s production, I can do that. If you want to learn how yourself, I’m your man and can show you, just tell me what it is you want to do. I myself am a few weeks away from employing my own chemical procedures in the metal industry. Investors are interested and my path is paved. Stopping in the grass to find flowers, I can teach knowledge built for it’s purpose. To create things that bring life closer to happiness, without awerness that it can be done with money. A patent search is 300$ for it’s pending life. I can help you make one, All my siblings work in the chemical industry. I have funded ideas being put into motion known to friends and family. I would like to teach what I can, before moving onto teaching how to run my products and business I create. I can help you prepare and run your own shop as I have the knowledge, investment, and dedication to do anything my heart desires. It always lands in helping out for the improvement and better workings of thermodynamic systems, as compared to physical material gain by way of finance. There is the secret to advancement. It’s overall success is outweighed by what it produces for the designer. My life’s answers are about metaphysics and it’s awareness in the waking life over all knowledge of material. I have obtained insight, chemical procedures not known, and perceived genius as my skills desire to help over desire to obtain. I’m a man of knowledge, putting philosophy over passion of money. I carry and walk with my energy under it’s thermodynamic laws. The energy of money is created for trade, my energy is created to transform it’s work for a purpose higher than money. If I can better my life, I can help do it to yours. My ancestors where pioneers, money never brought them success, their ideas and hard work on that idea did. I am able to work in family business By way of Construction, though take my own affairs and ideas as priority out of respect, to create the new. In my military training, My MOC was moved around due to injury, and education in mathematics from preemployment welding. I went to work with the DND engeenering dept from misdirected information. I became lost to my original appointed platoon and was stationed as engeenering support, for transporting materials of military design. A rare position, that granted more knowledge of procedures than a single platoon would known what to do with. I did well in math and landed careers in the metal and chemical industries with strong aptitude tests. I have a non related work injury in my arms, i advanced my mind in areas to overcome my disability and can demonstrate how I learned to use disability to my advantage. Besides creating the new, life experience is new territory to expand my philosophy, ability, and methods for teaching others. I was bullied in school and carry solutions by way of experience for it’s victims. Military methods and ideas are easily absorbed with storytelling, on how they apply in the feild. As well as an interest in the story to remember application. Being bullied hinders performance, it is best the student outright announces their weakness and what others can do to help. Dealing with unwanted scenarios requires a hero, knowledgeable in the area. From my own disability, I have learned to use more mind to advance life skills, over physical qualities, the mind shall set you free. Never let Direction of controlling energies alter it’s function of net reaction by way of bullies. life is not fair until the different, enhance their differences, to work to their advantage. I can help with that, that which is feared by others is my area of life training, it is still a quality I am best suited to teach, because I have lived to overcome. So if you need to know more about how motion can be used to your advantage, I’m more experienced in fighting ones own physical and mental boundaries from a military career move, due to being bullied, and forced to learn how a disadvantage can work into your favour. Don’t just look on the bright side, manipulate it! I have mostly studied on my own math, ancient alchemy, metaphysics and Chemistry, 6 hours a day, every given day for over 10 years after a successful military career. I have acquired knowledge on synthesising chemicals, as well as production of military grade products. I and am knowledgeable of the procedures of chemical synthesis and basic laboratory practices. I redid grade 12 chemistry ending in a 98%. I have a sharp chemical mind, ending in three new chemical procedures a day. A sharp disciplined mind is acquired by way of determination and hard work. There are no short cut solutions, I can help with the determination of ones will, by adding the patients of military experience into your life of learning. I will teach you to be stronger in your aims, and using knowledge and ideas to overpower physical limitations. I excell In inorganic chemistry, along with mathematics, in a learning experience that involves storytelling, rather than struggle on the search for an answer. I can explain military tactics by the moving of numbers or create interesting stories so the movement of numbers is like viewing a story one wants to see again. When we search for something, it should have an interest behind it. Don’t blindly search. If you fail to see me as a math, or chemistry tutor, I have many skills you may learn, that would otherwise protect your life. In my life of changes, my favourite became solving temperatures for delta H for net outcomes of chemical reactions. I can take your temperature and see how it relates to your body size and design a program for balancing temperature through awerness of reflexes. I’m a life coach and gain happiness with ones improvements on it. Stepping outside of ones comfort zone is a learning experience, it progresses by the thermodynamics of energy conversion. Meaning, knowledge cannot be created of destroyed. Everything you thought you could never do is waiting to be found, and all that can be known, is an energy movement away. The universe is infinite, become a part of that through understand how it functions. This power of teaching will act as a catalyst for achievement, through continual motion of energy. Teaching is the momentum of knowledge, as all ex military have skills that can flow in some kind of direction through disciplines of forced awerness. This is why I recommend myself or ex military as specialized, tutoring, for a stronger mental approach to the answer. Don’t be scared of being wrong, be scared of the wrongs you cannot correct. I’m different in way of drilling, I train the mind by visual representation or action of procedures. Im a trainer for the full lesson of my energy, I strive to teach the importance of storing energy through access of a lesson rather than jumbled memorization. Memory without specific orders of arangment gets tossed aside and forgetten. Chemistry is a vast area of study, storing information without an attachment to it, becomes like a martial artist learning how to break bricks by reading a book. Rip that book in half! I use a metaphysical approach to help the student memorize, I stimulate a physical perception in the mind, I develop a story for a more clear explanation to the answer. Installmemnts of applied memory through existence, gives a story for better remembering. Any math equation can find a battle in history that suits it’s formal layout for a strategic approach that leaves math with a lock hard to access without experience, so I use storytelling, objects,graphs,physical, and imaginary movement. I use thinking tools for a formula to the answer. So the unknown formula can easily be deducted. I use an array of abstract ideas to help problem solving flow, as it is given life. If I cannot solve it, it will be put aside until I feel I can, rather than get frustrated. I prefer a day to review material to be known so I can plan my attack to drill in the story. I play music and can help with songs to remember the periodic table, I do stone carvings and create new light refractions using math and material. I have books soon to be published on math and chemistry. Find me “Nathan ” on **Contact Detail Removed**. I give reasons for importance rather than blindly teach the answers. I have kumon mathematics training from rich parents, and am knowledgeable of Japanese mathematics systems. I train for productivity, of life skills, over desire of a comfortable life. Nothing comes easy, without an attachment to what is acquired by hard work. Hard work requires motivation. I can do that. All lessons are reviewed in a timely manor, and metaphysical ideas are taught between steps to remember the purpose of procedures. Knowledge focuses on priority of importance over dynamics of time. In chemistry, there is always an exception. They stress this a lot in school. I help one discover the exceptions because I myself am different. I will teach how the chemical structure has arrived at it’s state, so if the student forgets the name, they will still obtain marks by explaining the procedure of how the chemical arrived at it’s structural formation. VSEPR takes priority over IUPAC through my method, to explain the joining bonds and the dimensions of it’s polarity for visualization of chemical procedures, over naming procedures. In the industry those naming chemicals, should find more satisfaction as a clerk, opposed to engineering the product. I stress the importance of polarity and mathematics over given iupac names. I can still help with naming, though when given isotopes, i explain why it exists over given name. I use a Worldly Mathematical system approach alongside, the naming of chemicals, to give a more unified approach to an answer if a name is forgotten. We all name things as humans. Math is a direct approach to the answer, through math, I help solve why, how and the thermodynamics of why the bond is there. Explanation, should take priority of given names, as we name things, more than often giveing similar molecules the same name, as opposed to doing the math on why they are similar. Where an explanation may be found, it is overlooked with a name and it’s purpose lost to those who memorize instead of apply. Everyone learns different, I can recognize this and see how the individual will drill the difficulty out, and absorbe information giving it purpose. Chemistry has the formula, mathematics has the answers, the knowledgeable have the art. May your life always be balanced, with the right instructor and happiness in gathering it’s purpose. Passion and preparedness, always shows up in the obtaining mind. Martial arts is a dimension of flow, may you apply it to everything you know.

Tutoring Approach:

I have worked in the metal industry, most my life. I have knowledge of metallurgy, and chemical procedures for the industry. I enforce a strict code to learning, and procedures obtained from military training and strict employers. Real life stories accompanied by order of arrangement take hold of reason, by way of metaphysics applied to math, chemical procedures, and most importantly, the history of it’s origin. Those blind to see it’s importance have nothing more to gain inside oneself. I have stories from around the world and aim to make a tag on the information stored by memory. It’s more easy to know h20 by how other molecules affect it, and even better if the water has a bully for providing it’s purpose that goes beyond delta H. It’s a bigger molecule, we will draw, study, examine polarity, shuttling of names and tuning in math as story. I suit explanation with story. We will see how milk ran away with atmospheric reactions and later joined water to make the h20 freeze faster in the presence of cream. I teach what I know from experience, how I got there and ended with my own co.involving chemical patents and engineering blueprints. I can help with ideas, and inventions for projects. Chemistry experiments for the home etc. I work on 3 new chemical procedures in a given day that may receive as documented patent procedures. I have a company on the horizon, as you may learn from my dedication of self achievement by my areas of development no one has touched, due to group mentality. The individual is the importance in a new factor for overstepping the majority. I have taken a metaphysical approach to philosophy and learning. My own philosophy states “ Logic, Mathematics, and Reason. With the three combined there is nothing you can’t find. We all have something to gain from each other, passion paves the path. May I help point you, to yours.

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  • SIAST (1998) - Pre Employment Welding (College) (✘ Not On File)
  • Online (1996) - Chemistry (Professional) (✘ Not On File)
  • Kumon (1996) - Mathematics (Professional) (✘ Not On File)

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