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Subjects Taught


Price Guide
Elementary $20.00
Secondary $25.00
College / University $25.00
Casual $30.00


Price Guide
Elementary $20.00
Secondary $25.00
College / University $25.00
Casual $30.00

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Personal Description:

Hi, my name is Brock. I am a 25 year-old resident of Timmins, ON, who is in the midst of completing his undergraduate studies at York University (Toronto). I am a history major that is also minoring in literary studies. My goals are to graduate from York at the top of my class, enter a graduate program, and eventually earn my doctorate and become a published academic lecturing at the university level as a member of both the history and humanities faculties. I plan on specializing in the histories of Medieval England and Europe, as well as Skaldic literary studies.

I am extremely passionate about knowledge and education. I am a very involved tutor that will exceed all expectations and assist you in the realization of your academic goals and plans. I offer online and in-person tutoring and will travel to accommodate your needs, be them in-house tutoring sessions, meetings at the library, etc. My hours are entirely flexible and I can easily co-ordinate sessions with you in accordance with your schedule. Be it essay writing, exam preparation, the refinement of study and organizational habits, or simply material comprehension and retention, I will help you succeed.

I am both meticulous and ebullient; I will commit myself fully to the attainment of your goals, but will also make learning fun and enjoyable! I am great with children, as well, and have extensive experience working with special needs and at-risk students at the high school level. The students I have personally worked with showed not only phenomenal improvement academically, but a reinvigorated approach to learning. As an aspiring academic and educator, your goals and needs come first!

Tutoring Experience:

I completed a peer mentoring course during my senior year in high school which situated me in both a freshman English classroom and in an intimate, one-on-one setting with a struggling student. I gained invaluable experience as a tutor in both of these environs and my private sessions with my sole tutee facilitated the rising of his grade by two whole letters. He personally expressed to me how our tutoring sessions served as the impetus for a paradigmatic shift in his approach to and enjoyment of school.

I also served as a peer assistant during my victory lap year of high school, wherein I assisted special needs students in academic and social pursuits. This experience imparted upon me a profound sense of fulfillment as I saw these students engaging in activities and discussions that not only broadened their academic horizons, but their personal and social ones, as well.

Additionally, I have informally tutored many of my post-secondary peers in, primarily, historical and literary fields. I have assisted some of them in essay-composition and writing, material comprehension, and exam preparation. These sessions, both private and in small groups, have proved very successful and I am humbled to have been of assistance to my peers.

Tutoring Approach:

I offer tuition of all forms: in-home, at public venues or settings, online, within the confines of my own home, etc. I am a very involved and meticulous tutor -- prior to our first meeting, we will discuss the subject that has compelled you to enlist my services, the course curriculum and content, your goals for the course, where it is you feel you are weakest in relation to this course (i.e. essay-writing, test-writing, material comprehension, etc.) and how we can most appropriately approach our sessions in order to cultivate a path to your success. I will provide you with detailed session outlines (depending on the length of our sessions), supplementary material to augment your understanding of the discussed topics (if needed), and mock tests/quizzes as we progress with our meetings. My approach will be tailored to your needs -- no two students are identical, nor any two tutees! I will also help you to manage your academic life -- including subject organization, note-taking tips, how best to synthesize information from the course's texts, weekly/daily planning, and more!

I will also help you to contextualize the information you are processing, primarily with history. History is the product of sources and contemporaneous perspective; how we understand history is how we situate ourselves in the period we are discussing or at the time when authors are ruminating on the period. I will help you get there and augment your understanding of these topics. The same principles apply to much of literature: to understand much of Shakespeare or Blake or Dante, or ANY author, we must understand their personal stories, or the eras they wrote in. Though that may seem daunting, I will ensure your sessions with me are as enjoyable as they are informative!

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Native Language: English (American)
Availability: Weekends / Weekdays (all times)
References Available: No (✘ Not On File)


  • York University (2018) - Resuming Undergrad. Studies (4th yr.) (School) (✘ Not On File)

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