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University Agriculture Tutors & University Agriculture Tuition

First Tutors: Australia makes it simple for you to search for the most recommended home University Agriculture tutors across the country. Use our website to find tutors near you then simply select the person best matches your criteria, at a time convenient for you to do so!

Meet some of our University Agriculture Tutors



Maths, Business, Physics, Agriculture
Doctorate: Management (2015)
Highest qualification is PhD in Management. Background training in Agriculture, Project Management, Business, Strategic Management, Environmental Management and Research Methods, Statistics 6 years lecturing experience in business, environmental, project and strategic management. Specialise in research methodologies, statistics, qualitative and quantitative analysis From school pupils to PhD scholars learner-paced approach derived from the basics. Positive motivational feedback, mentoring and coaching...


Biology, Chemistry, Science, Agriculture
Doctorate: PhD (2015)
I am a PhD research scholar. having expertise in science background. I have been teaching from past two years as private tutor. Like to asess the student before starting tutoring to understand their skills on the subject and proceed further with my expertise to improve them....

First Tutors: Australia is the only place to offer you access to the most suitable University tutors through just a single easy search. We have already ordered the Agriculture tutors according to their hourly fees and proximity to you, so all you need do is browse through, then choose who best matches your needs! University Agriculture can be difficult, but you'd be astonished by the difference tutoring in University Agriculture can make. Get ready to get to grips with University Agriculture!

Alternatively, if you are a tutor wishing to offer tutoring in University Agriculture, or any of the other subjects available on First Tutors: Australia, please register with us, or for more information click here.